Trim Winders Accessories

Recyclability is now becoming a very important issue for most of today’s film manufacturers and converters.  Energy efficiency is also being carefully monitored with power consumption a critical feature for all machines.
The ASHE trim winder can be added to any ASHE machine or any other Slitter Rewinder and offers a greener solution for taking away edge trim and also improves recyclability of the product.
The trim winder also improves machine efficiency as the trim comes off in a compacted bundle.  This relieves the operator of removing and compacting trim from collection baskets normally associated with noisy venture suction systems.


The spindle drive is controlled by a digital inverter drive, capable of both driving and stopping the motor. Material is fed to the spindle via a dancer for tension control, equipped with a position feedback sensor. Together with the PID controls on the trim winder control board, this provides a speed reference for the spindle drive. The system operates to maintain the dancer in a fixed position, thus providing static rewinding tension.

The tension is set by the position of the dancer. When the dancer is close to the infeed roller, the trim tension is high. When it’s furthest away from the infeed roll, the tension is low. Dancer position is set by the internal set tension potentiometer. The dancer is mounted on a cross travel mechanism, and acts as a layering guide to the trim.

The cross travel is controlled by a lead screw and nut with automatic end reversing, so that the lead screw always rotates in one direction. The traverse motor is controlled by a digital inverter drive operating directly from the AC supply. A setpoint isolator on the control board links the winding motor speed reference with the traverse motor so that they operate in unison.

The winder can either be stopped and started from the remote control push buttons or linked directly to the main feed machine. A trim break detector on the control operates three seconds after start up to stop the winder if the dancer hasn't been pulled off its end stop position.

Machine specifications:

  • Cored or coreless operation
  • Up to 800m/m 1kg max 320mm x 400mm pack
  • Adjustable traverse rate
  • Traverse width 375mm
  • Traverse type – fixed pitch (6mm/turn)
  • Rewind tension 0.2 to 1kg
  • Trim release – quick release mandrel
  • Dancer – spring or pneumatic
  • Handed – left or right – user selectable