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Opal Turret Continues To Astonish

The glueless core attachment version of the machine, which has a patented operation, is flawless in its execution of the cut and transfer, at speed, from finished rolls to new cores, without glue or tape. Additional equipment, often specified, applies labels to the loose tail, sealing the roll end to make a finished roll ready for packing.

ASHE fold up the folding business

After the successful installation and many years of running a specialised machine supplied to Israel, ASHE have seen an un-usual demand for the same machine during 2009.

It's a gem ! Sapphire sparkles in hollographic and hot stamping foil security applications

Ever since the terrorist attacks in the United States and the Bali bombings, security issues have become foremost in most government minds as well as in the international business community at large. Newspapers, television and business organisations have concentrated on the weaknesses associated with security in an attempt to at least make it harder for these events to occur.

ASHE building on sales in world markets

ASHE Converting Equipment continues to grow its market share in world markets with its range of standard and bespoke slitting and rewinding equipment. Apart from recent commisions in India, a developing market for ASHE, Sapphire slitters have been delivered to Chinese flexible packaging producers.
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