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ASHE at K2016

Hall 3, stand B54

The K 2016 exhibition is the largest plastics exhibition in the world.

ASHE Converting equipment will be demonstrating 3 machines at the forthcoming exhibition. This includes the launch of their new Jade secondary slitter rewinder.


JADE SECONDARY FILM SLITTER REWINDER A new 3m secondary slitter rewinder is to be launched and displayed by the company. The new ergonomically designed machine will feature a new linear winding system along with fully automatic knife and rewind arm positioning.

The new design allows for improvements in operator accessibility to the rewinding arms and slitting station along with a maximum rewind diameter of 1250mm.

New frameless motors are fully integrated into the arm design which allows the end user to achieve smaller slit widths.


SAPPHIRE S2 DUPLEX SLITTER REWINDERThe renowned Sapphire S2 duplex slitter rewinder will be making another appearance at K. The machine on display will be running and the ASHE team will be demonstrating a newly developed fully automatic knife positioning system. The knife positioning system is able to position top and bottom blades and can set 12 knives within a 90 second timeframe, which drastically reduces downtime as opposed to an operator setting the knives manually.

The machine in display will be 1650mm (65”) wide with a maximum rewinding diameter of 800mm (32”). The separate unwind is fully shaftless with an electric roll lifting system and can accommodate a maximum roll diameter of 1200mm (47”).


DIAMOND DUPLEX TURRET SLITTER REWINDERLaunched at the recent print exhibition, Drupa, the Diamond duplex turret will make its first appearance at the K exhibition. The machine has been designed as an economical duplex turret. With an integrated unwind that can handle a maximum roll diameter of 1000mm (40”) the machine can come as a one piece unit, making transportation and installation simple.

The machine on display will be 1650mm (65”) wide with a maximum rewinding diameter of 600mm (24”). This is achieved by a shaft support system on the non drive side to ensure the rewind shafts do not encounter any undue stresses through the turreting sequence. Unloading of the finished rolls is achieved by automatic reel pushers which will discharge the finished rolls onto an unloading unit.

The cycle time on the Diamond turret (from stop, turret, cross cut, apply material onto new cores, and start) can be as low as 30 seconds, which makes the machine highly productive.



TC-25 SEMI AUTOMATIC CORE CUTTERASHE and PARKLAND INTERNATIONAL have recently signed an agreement to allow ASHE to sell PARKLAND'S range of manual, semi automatic and fully automatic core cutters. PARKLAND will be present on the ASHE stand throughout the show and will be offering live demonstrations of the TC-25 range of core cutter in full operation.