ASHE Count The Energy Cost

Have you ever thought about the cost of energy required to process slit materials? have you ever thought how much energy machines use in standby mode? ASHE Converting Equipment have, and it has launched a development that is now available on its range of machines.

Seen on machines due to be exhibited at the K2010 show this innovation is amongst many seen on its range of slitting and rewinding machines, it will allow the user to enter the price paid for electricity and monitor the running costs of the machines energy in idle, running and per job if required, it will then be possible to factor in the energy cost for production of slit rolls, increasing the costing accuracy and allowing the user to be as competitive as possible on its pricing, this should ultimately lead to more orders and profit.

ASHE have working on its machines to reduce the energy consumption and has found some significant savings on the amount of energy its machines use, a number of measures have been introduced and will be important for the user as more legislation and taxation is introduced for the consumption of energy. Ashe already has a firm eye on using the latest energy efficient motors and is fully prepared for the new legislation due to be enforced regarding the efficiency ratings of machines.

You can always be one step ahead with the Ashe range of machines, the forward thinking and innovative approach to giving customers the best possible machines in a competitive world market has seen ASHE continue its growth, even during the last months a healthy order book has been a good indication of how well customers receive the machines and prospects.