ASHE fold up the folding business

After the successful installation and many years of running a specialised machine supplied to Israel, ASHE have seen an un-usual demand for the same machine during 2009.
The machine is a triple turret, fully automatic rewinder with a folding frame. The machine is capable of high finished roll outputs and high quality rolls of thin films, predominantly for the shrink film markets.
Accurate tension control for the short cycle times is essential for this type of machine and is achieved using sensitive magnetic particle clutches and complex algorithms that calculate dynamic inertia values to ensure a constant tension is maintained during the many speed changes. The dancer controlled driven unwind maintains perfect tension control through the folding frame, which for thin film, is an essential component for the folding process. Low inertia roller design, tendency drive and low noise edge trimming are all features of this quality machine that has proved so attractive to companies during this year.
A constant machine speed of 250 MPM is possible, and a top speed of 450 MPM allows larger diameter rolls to be processed at greater speeds. Automatic cut and transfer take place at 250 MPM and the core loading and ejection of finished rolls is all automatic. Machines supplied for Germany, Russia and the USA are all for this type of product which has many applications, including the bag producing industry. The success of this machine is another product line ASHE has added to its innovative range of machines that cover the Label producing industry, all the way through to the primary film producers. With products for almost all of the converting industry ASHE has maintained a continuous flow of orders from all sectors making it stronger for the more prosperous years to come.