ASHE Help Clean Up The Industry With Kelva

During the last few years ASHE Converting Equipment and Kelva web cleaning have installed a number of machines requiring web with a much higher level of cleanliness that is usually required in normal converting operations.

Both companies have seen a rise in the requirements for machines working in clean, or semi clean room environments, and needing absolute web cleanliness and both are well served to do this with the experience gained.

The increases have not been isolated to one industry, the medical industry, automotive and photovoltaic all have been at the front of an expansion and interest for these types of machines.

ASHE have worked with web cleaning specialists to produce machines with this equipment fully integrated into the range of machines ashe already produces for the web converting industry, the ASHE machines are already well suited to this type of work and many installations over the years have proven this. Already standard on all of its machines are the totally electric operation of all functions, this eliminates the unsuitable use of hydraulics that can easily contaminate products.

The Kelva web cleaning units have been installed on many of the ASHE machines and have demonstrated their effectiveness, and reliability using a high speed air, non contact system requiring no consumables, the compact units are ideal in being able to be installed very close to the slit area and keeping roller distances to a minimum, a positive advantage when slit accuracy and speed is a requirement. Hepa filters and recirculation air system reduce further contamination and energy loss form inside clean room environments.

In a growth period for this type of industry ASHE and Kelva are continuing to receive valued orders maintaining the inertia already gained, currently working on other projects, and the prospect of more to come this niche market is fast becoming a major part of both businesses.