ASHE secure another Primary Film Slitter Order

ASHE Converting Equipment has secured another order for their unique Jade Primary Film Slitter Rewinder. The order comes from Shandong Shenghe Plastic Film Company, based in the city of Weifang, Shandong Province, China.

BOPETG is seeing a large growth in China and Shandong Shenghe Plastic will be entering the market in 2012. With the experience ASHE have in slitting and winding BOPETG successfully, Shangong Shenghe Plastic have committed to a 5.5m wide Slitter Rewinder with 9 winding stations. The machine will be equipped with ASHE’s unique linear winding concept and also their vacuum roller technology, both of which ensure perfect winding geometry and a quality finished product.

ASHE has seen huge interest in their technology since the appointment of their Sales Manager, Mr Xu Lu. Most of the interest is for the Jade range of Primary and Secondary Slitter Rewinders, but also include the Sapphire DB, which is another linear winding machine aimed at the lithium battery separator market as well as other special applications.