New Diamond Duplex Turret Slitter Rewinder - Launching at Drupa 2016


Since its launch at K2007 the Diamond model has proved to be a popular machine within the ASHE range, due its small footprint and the price tag associated with it. ASHE have now taken this formula and expanded the machine into an automatic Turret Slitter Rewinder, which eliminates the downtime in offloading finished rolls and having to re-core rewind shafts.

The new Diamond duplex Turret Slitter Rewinder will be making its debut appearance and running live demonstrations. This new product launch from ASHE will have an integrated unwind meaning the machine will be a one piece unit making transportation and installation of the machine a simple task.

The machine will feature a shaftless unwind with a maximum diameter of 1000mm (40”) and an all-electric reel lifting system. Edge guiding is achieved by ASHE’s own digital edge guide system and tension isolation is achieved by a vacuum roller system eliminating the need for nip and S wrap rollers.

All forms of slitting can be accommodated on the Diamond and the machine will feature a maximum rewind diameter of 600mm (24”). This is achieved by a shaft support system on the non drive side to ensure the rewind shafts do not encounter any undue stresses through the turreting sequence. Unloading of the finished rolls is achieved by automatic reel pushers which will discharge the finished rolls onto an unloading unit.

The machine on display will feature a maximum web width of 1650mm (65”) with a maximum speed of 500mpm (1640fpm).


With over 500 installations of the Sapphire machine around the world, the popular centre winder will be demonstrated with further enhancements to keep downtime to a minimum.

A fully automatic knife positioning system will be demonstrated on the machine which can position male and female rotary shear knives, along with razors. The system is linked with a laser core indicating device. Both of these options will eliminate the setup times normally involved with manual setups, which over the life of an ASHE machine will bring significant cost savings.

Horizontal Die station


Non-stop slitting and rewinding at speeds of up to 250mpm will be shown on ASHE'S patented 'glue-less' cinch mechanism within a pure off-line 4 spindle Turret slitter branded from the Opal Series of Turret Rewinders.

Machine will be running both 76mm and 25mm rewind core sizes during the show which allows customers to view the simple changeover on the design which can often be time consuming when associating job change on a 'glue-less' turret concept.

Automatic closure of each finished slit roll via label will also be a feature being demonstrated on the machine. Again, the ease of set up on job changeover will be clearly demonstrated throughout the show. Labels are applied to a pre-loading position based on slit pattern ready to be applied automatically as soon as the machine has done a cut cycle.

Further options can be added to the machine on show such as fully automatic core loading, automatic slitting knife setting, various automated offload systems. These options will be on show via video during the show.

ASHE has had enormous success with its patented 'glue-less' turret concept since the original launch of it in the year 2000 and we recommend label producers to visit our stand to take advantage in seeing all the clear benefits it can offer all high volume, non-stop applications within the label industry.


Two full rotary horizontal load die cutting stations allow this machine to be set up very quickly from one job to another and can operate at speeds of up to 250mpm. These speeds are normal when die cutting and perforating labels through the machine.

Load/unload of each die cylinder is via carefully designed air/hydraulic system which allows for constant loading pressure of each die tool. Quick release design allows for fast in and out of tools which gives the advantage when unloading and loading new tools.

Fully servo driven allowing for pre-printed labels to be cut and giving extremely accurate tolerances of label size and perforation position within all operating speeds. Full servo infeed and outfeed driven nips give tension isolation through the die stations allowing all substrates to be run.

Large unwind stand accommodating reel lift, full servo web guide and 5,000 linear meter jumbo reels as standard allowing for ease and faster/more throughput for high volume blank label work.

Rewind section has full driven rotary shear knives with male lift off as standard, razor slitting and duplex rewind with web clamp system that allows for ease of finished reel changeover. Various cores sizes can be run with the easy flange mount rewind airshafts.


ASHE and PARKLAND INTERNATIONAL have recently signed an agreement to allow ASHE to sell PARKLAND'S range of manual, semi automatic and fully automatic core cutters. PARKLAND will be present on the ASHE stand throughout the show and will be offering live demonstrations of the TC-25 range of core cutter in full operation.