Huge Success at K for ASHE

ASHE Converting Equipment recorded huge success during and after the largest plastics exhibition in the world.
Contracts were agreed during the exhibition for ASHE’s Jade series of individual arm slitter rewinder, aswell as the Sapphire S2 slitter rewinder, both of which were on display during the exhibition, running live product. ASHE also displayed their Diamond series of slitting and rewinding machine. All machines displayed during the show were sold to existing ASHE customers.
The Jade series has been developed for film most Biaxially orientated or cast film producers, plain or metallised. The Jade machine can be supplied in various widths ranging from 2m up to the maximum 8.7m width. 
As with all ASHE machines, the Jade series has been developed to give our customers an alternative to conventional slitting and rewinding systems that are currently on the market. With this in mind, the machine utilises a linear winding system, with each station being independent from others. Due to the innovative design of our winding stations we are able to use a single (driven) common layon roller per rewind beam.
The Jade series also uses our patented vacuum drive roller technology for tension isolation, which cannot be seen on any other slitting system on the market.
Our Sapphire S2 continues to be one of the market leaders for Duplex centre winders, which again uses our vacuum drive roll technology. Recent enhancements on the Sapphire S2 include a speed increase to 800m/min and an intuitive aided positioning system for the knives and rewind cores.  The Sapphire S2 is also available in a turret configuration with a unique driven layon system which allows us to have a minimal cycle time of less than 30 seconds.
The Diamond series, which was launched at K2010 continues to be a popular machine within our machinery range. The single piece machine also incorporates our vacuum roll technology with a maximum running speed of 500m/min. The Diamond is able to process most substrates and is totally powered by electrics, which eliminates the need to use hydraulics for unwind reel lift and edge guider movement. This is a standard feature on all ASHE machines as most of our products process materials for the food or pharmaceutical industry.