Duplex Turret Slitter Rewinder

Sapphire S2T Turret Slitter Rewinder

Turret shaft technology for maximum output, minimum downtime

The Sapphire S2T is the choice for the converter that is looking for maximum productivity and minimum downtime. This is achieved by the machine continuing to run, whilst the operator (or machine) takes off the finished rolls and puts new cores onto the rewind shaft.

The cycle time of the Sapphire S2T can be as low as 15 seconds and will automatically cut the web (at set length), and apply the new incoming web onto new cores.
Once again, the Sapphire S2T utilises our vacuum roller technology, and most options for minimising job setups can be added to the machine to increase productivity further. It also features a unique shaft support system (for larger rewind diameters) where the rewind shafts remain fully supported through the turreting sequence.

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  • Maximum speed 800m/min for optimum productivity
  • Easy to assemble and maintain, with built in electrical panel, pneumatics, operator panel and remote diagnostic capabilities
  • Automatic web cut off saves on downtime
  • Vacuum pull roller for perfect tension isolation which avoids slips or scratches even in sensitive materials
  • All electrical operation makes it the hygienic choice
  • Handles multiple widths of PP, PE, PET, paper and more
  • Core positioning for fast, accurate, easy set up even while machine is running
  • Automatic offload pushes finished rolls onto unloading device to save time
  • Unique turret support ensures minimum shaft deflection
  • Intuitive touch screen with job memory storage
  • ASHE digital edge guider
  • ASHE patented differential winding shafts
  • Guarding around the unwind to meet CE standards
  • Unloading stands available
  • Optional extra’s including laser core alignment, digital knife positioning, automatic knife positioning, driven unwind, splice table, static eliminators and various options for offloading and moving the finished reels
  • Option for energy efficient trim winders available


  • Machine width 800mm to 2000mm
  • Maximum unwind diameter up to 2000mm
  • Maximum rewind diameter 450mm and 600mm
  • Maximum machine speed 800m/min
  • Minimum slit width 25mm and upwards
  • Various slitting configurations available
  • Able to handle a wide range of Films, Laminates, Foils, Non-wovens and Paper
  • Full shaftless unwind with electric reel lift



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