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Emerald Rewinder Machine for Web Converting Industry

Less waste saves money and boosts output

  The Emerald series has been designed to minimise waste by transforming a badly wound roll, be it by tensions or roll profile, into a perfect grade A roll. With the Emerald, the operator is able to correct tensions, correct edge profiles, and splice end rolls to make larger finished rolls and also inspect.
The machine is available in single direction or fully reversible along with tension control through Dancer rollers.

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  • Maximum speed of up to 800m/min for greater productivity
  • Perfect tension control via pneumatic dancer avoids slippage or scratches in delicate materials
  • Fully reversible without stopping to minimise downtime
  • All electrical operation makes it the hygienic choice
  • Layon control
  • Fully cantilevered available (depending on width)
  • Slitting options available for edge trimming and a centre slit.
  • Various inspection systems available ranging from back light to full 100% camera inspection.


  • Machine width 300mm to 2500mm
  • Maximum unwind diameter up to 1500mm
  • Maximum rewind diameter up to 1500mm
  • Maximum machine speed up to 800m/min
  • Various slitting configurations available
  • Able to handle a wide range of Films, Laminates, Foils, Non-wovens and Paper
  • Single direction of fully reversible
  • Various core sizes available



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