Diamond Duplex Slitter Rewinders

Diamond Duplex Centre Rewinder

Peak productivity to suit every budget

The Diamond model has been designed to be a compact, cost effective solution whilst keeping production requirements in mind. The machine has been based on our renowned Sapphire range of machines, and therefore has the flexibility to be able to slit and rewind most products at high speeds.

The machine is available in various configurations and all options within ASHE’s range are available to add onto the machine. The machine uses the ASHE vacuum roller technology and is hydraulic free, making it a total clean operation.
The machine is supplied in a ‘one piece’ configuration, therefore making shipping and installation easy.

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  • Maximum speed of 1640ft/min for greater productivity
  • Vacuum pull roller for perfect tension isolation which avoids slippage or scratches even in sensitive materials
  • All electrical operation makes it the hygienic choice
  • Integral unwind with an electrical reel lift
  • Cantilevered when unloading for ease of use
  • Small footprint so you can maximise your space
  • Handles multiple widths of paper, film, aluminium, foil, laminates and more
  • Intuitive touch screen with job memory storage
  • ASHE digital edge guider
  • 2 or 3 motor drive system
  • Unloading stands available
  • Optional extra’s including laser core alignment, digital knife positioning, automatic knife positioning, driven unwind, splice table, static eliminators and various options for offloading and moving the finished reels
  • Option for energy efficient trim winders available


  • Machine width 40" to 72"
  • Maximum unwind diameter 40"
  • Maximum rewind diameter of 24"
  • Maximum machine speed 1640ft/min
  • Minimum slit width 1" and upwards
  • Various slitting configurations available
  • Able to handle a wide range of Films, Laminates, Foils, Non-wovens and Paper
  • Full shaftless unwind with electric reel lift



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