Secondary Film Slitter Rewinder

Jade Series Slitter Rewinder

Superior winding quality even at high speed

The design of the Jade series is to improve the winding quality of all films at high speeds, and to add greater flexibility on machine setup. Based on a new winding principle, the rewind stations are able to move independently on the same rewind beam, allowing our end user to wind with different core sizes on the same rewind beam. The rewind stations also move linearly away from the contact roller as the rewind diameter increase, which allows excellent finished roll profiles, both in tension and edge quality.

Tension isolation is through our vacuum roller. Our vacuum roller technology is proven to give superior tension isolation without scratching or marking the most delicate of films, and is totally maintenance free.
The Jade series is a total electric operation, no hydraulics are used throughout the machine, making it a total clean operation.

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  • Maximum speed 3940ft/min for optimum productivity
  • Perfect tension isolation eliminates creasing and wrinkling even on the most sensitive materials
  • All electrical operation makes it the hygienic choice
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • State of the art AC digital vector drives mounted locally to save space
  • Wind different diameters or core sizes on a single run on the same rewind beam
  • Minimise downtime using one common layon roller
  • Fully automated option
  • Optional automatic knife and arm positioning available


  • Machine width 63" to 138"
  • Unwind diameter range 40" to 80"
  • Rewind core sizes from 3" and upwards
  • Maximum rewind diameter up to 48"
  • Maximum machine speed 3940ft/min
  • Minimum slit width 10"
  • Various slitting configurations available
  • Able to handle a wide range of filmic substrates



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