Labelstock / Paper Slitter Rewinder

For paper and labelstock producers.

Our Labelstock slitter rewinder is based on our Jade series of slitting machines.  With centre surface capabilities the machine is able to wind with individual rewind stations, a full width differential rewind shaft, or with an airshaft.  The shaftless or shafted rewinding system both utilise a linear tracking system away from the contact roller to give a perfect finished roll, in profile and tension.

As with all ASHE machines, our vacuum roller is utilised on the machine to give us perfect tension isolation and does not scratch or deform the most sensitive of labelstocks.
A range of options, such as automatic unloading systems are available on the machine with online roll wrapping, and weighing.  Other options such as knife positioning systems, web cleaners etc are all available on the machine.
We are also able to produce a range of two drum surface winders, for paper mills and paper converters. We are able to produce such machines with rewind diameters of up to 70".


  • All electric systems offered – no hydraulics
  • Vacuum roller for tension isolation
  • Unique linear tracking system
  • Shaftless rewind stations
  • Shafted rewind station with differential rewinding and patented shaft support system
  • Range of offloading options


  • Widths up to 120"
  • Rewind diameters up to 60" (70" for two drum)
  • Minimum slit width of 2"
  • Speeds up to 2625ft/min



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