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The best choice for inspection, speed and highest production. A label inspection slitter rewinder that is packed with features to give total flexibility.

Due to the modular design of the machine, a number of different configurations are possible meaning they are rich in optional features.

Dedicated exclusively to meet the needs of the self adhesive label industry.

The Opal inline/offline turret rewinders are fully automated to give you non-stop label production.

The Opal is ASHE’s original label inspection slitter rewinder that can do everything!

This label inspection slitter rewinder can be configured in many different ways to make it quick to set up.

The Opal EC is a low-cost entry-level label inspection slitter rewinder that packs a punch and has everything you need to successfully slit and rewind labels.

Utilising the latest AC brushless motors and advanced PLC control.

ASHE gives you the Opal, with die cutting and optional re-registration control.

For the production of blank labels or non die cut labels.

Core Cutters


In addition to slitter rewinders, our core cutters can cut cardboard, plastic and composite cores from various lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses. 

Our Labelstock slitter rewinder is based on our Jade series of slitting machines.

With centre surface capabilities the machine is able to wind with individual rewind stations, a full width differential rewind shaft, or with an airshaft.

Custom Slitting Machines


Let our team of experienced mechanical and software engineers design a Bespoke solution for you?

How do our Bespoke solutions deliver targets results?

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Discover why our clients choose us for their slitter rewinders and converting machinery.

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