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Slitting Machines For Paper Applications

At ASHE US, we're able to offer slitting machine solutions for various grades of papers, coated papers, and paper-based laminates. Using our experience and knowledge of slitting machines, our US team are able to configure the correct machine to suit your product.

Our Labelstock slitter rewinder is based on our Jade series of slitting machines.

With centre surface capabilities this slitting machine is able to wind with individual rewind stations, a full width differential rewind shaft, or with an airshaft.

The world renowned Sapphire S2 slitter rewinder is prized for its versatility and speed.

The slitting machine is now available in three rewind diameter configurations: 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm.

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About paper slitting machines

Discover why our clients choose us for their slitter rewinders and converting machinery.

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