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Pressure-sensitive Laminates

Based on proven ASHE technology, we are able to offer the following slitter rewinders below for producers of pressure-sensitive laminates, often known as labelstock. This can be paper on paper, paper on film or film on film applications.

The type of slitter rewinder machine we can offer would depend on final custom specifications, so please get in touch with us to discuss your application.

Our Labelstock slitter rewinder is based on our Jade series of slitting machines.

With centre surface capabilities this paper rewinder machine is able to wind with individual rewind stations, a full width differential rewind shaft, or with an airshaft.

The world renowned Sapphire S2 slitter rewinder is prized for its versatility and speed.

This slitter rewinder machine is now available in the following three rewind diameter configurations: 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm.

The Sapphire S2T is the choice for the converter that is looking for maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

The Sapphire S2 slitter rewinder features automatic turreting technology, meaning we can offer cycle times as low as 15 seconds allowing minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

The Diamond Duplex Slitter Rewinder is based on our world renowned Sapphire range.

This slitter rewinder is your most cost effective solution if performance and a fixed budget are your focus.

This versatile slitter rewinder is ideal for flexible packaging products, and gives you a beautifully finished product.

Low cost and easy to use, it’s ideal for start-up companies or those working to a tight budget.
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About Pressure-Sensitive Laminates

Discover why our clients choose us for their slitter rewinders and converting machinery.

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