Duplex Slitter Rewinders: Choosing the best slitting machine for you

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Whether you reruire slitting and rewinding machinery for your US operation involving paper, foil, film, or allied web industries, tracking down the ideal converting equipment or specific duplex slitter rewinder is the key to success. An extensive range of options are expertly manufactured and offered today by leading companies but working out which solution is best for your business is not always easy.

In the following sections, we’ll explore four different duplex slitter rewinders to help enterprises narrow the field when making their selection.

Sapphire s2 Duplex Slitter Rewinder

Leading the dedicated range of duplex slitter rewinders, the Sapphire S2T has earned an international reputation for its speed and versatility. At high speeds, while delivering maximum precision, the Sapphire duplex slitter rewinder can process any flexible material substrate making it a perfect option for operations where multiple materials are used, and work rates are high.

The Sapphire S2T was designed to deliver an easy-to-operate manual solution that requires minimal intervention from operators via a slitter rewinder that is fully automated. By employing cutting-edge control technology, the machine is exceptionally user-friendly and simple to operate. As a result, it provides the flexibility required by many converters. As mentioned, the Sapphire S2T is exceptionally adaptable and is available in different unwind configurations to meet most products and applications.

Every form of slitting is possible on the versatile Sapphire S2T, and it comes equipped with a wide array of automation solutions for the slitting station, that can make knife set up simpler and swift. This superior level of automation extends to the machine’s rewind section where useful features like automatic core positioning and automatic core indication, can easily be accommodated.

Enterprises that involve medical products where hygiene levels are paramount will find the Sapphire S2T ideal. Employing no hydraulics in its construction, it presents a clean solution with all unwind activities electrically powered. For ease of operation, advanced vacuum roller systems with the machine deliver optimum tension isolation between the rewind and unwind. As a result, no operator maintenance or intervention is necessary.

Additionally, roll handling solutions can also be offered from the rewind, within the Sapphire ST2. Again, this can be configured to fit an operation’s specific requirements and has a choice of basic fixed pedestals or fully robotic systems supplying wrap and labelling.

Diamond Duplex Slitter Rewinder

The cantilevered Diamond T model is a twin-shafted slitter rewinder. Enterprises requiring exceptional performance levels while operating within a restricted budget will find this machine a perfect solution. Modular by design, the Diamond T can maximise production output in a cost-effective package.

While it might be a lower-cost option, the Diamond T’s design is based on the Sapphire S2T. As a result, it can cut through most web-based materials. Like the aforementioned flagship model, it has also been engineered for easy operation and impressive running speeds of up to 500mpm. Its unwind can manage a 40-inch maximum in terms of diameter, but a range of widths are available to suit different applications.

Companies looking for a solution they can configure to match specific operating requirements will find the Diamond T a worthy choice, thanks to its modular design. For instance, it is offered as a single-piece unit with a fully integrated unwind or with the unwind feature provided separately so the slitting station can be accessed more easily, or additional equipment accommodated when necessary.

Solitaire Duplex Slitter Rewinder

As levels of sophistication within the narrow-web industry extend to more varied product offerings and wider printing presses, the finishing machine must also rise to the occasion. To meet this challenge, the Solitaire was developed. Presenting a compact design and offering a small footprint, it can provide operations with limited space with a suitable slitting machine.

Able to handle every type of film substrate, this powerful machine can also cope with papers, aluminium foils, laminates, as well as products that are pressure sensitive. Like the Diamond T, the Solitaire was developed using technology employed in the Sapphire ST2 series. As a result, it has the ASHE vacuum roller technology for tension isolation and automatic diameter control.

The Solitaire has been designed to be adaptable to the needs of different operations. To minimise changeover times, it is available with a dedicated duplex turret rewind. Additional features designed to minimise operational downtime are also offered on this model, including fully or semi-automatic systems for knife positioning and laser core indication.

Onyx Duplex Slitter Rewinder

Like the Solitaire, the Onyx series slitter rewinder takes up a small footprint making it a viable option when available space is at a premium. Despite its size, the Onyx presents a versatile machine that is completely kitted out with everything required to handle every kind of web-based material. Companies that are working to a strict budget will find the low cost of this machine appealing but it is also exceptionally simple to use, ensuring effective operation and sound work rates.

The Onyx is designed to manage different web widths with a choice of 53 or 65 inches, depending on requirements. To keep costs low, it is engineered with a shaftless unwind stand that has a fixed height and is fully integrated. The machine’s top speed is 400 metres per minute. When materials handled require slitting and rewinding, the Onyx can easily be equipped with a slitting station to manage these processes.

A slitting solution for every application

If your operation requires dependable slitter rewinders and converting machinery, we have a state-of-the-art solution designed for every application. Since 1976, at ASHE have been committed to achieving engineering excellence and have risen to become a globally renowned manufacturer.

Constantly staying at the forefront of our sector, we continually develop the solutions we supply, ensuring our customers possess the most cutting-edge equipment in their chosen field.

For innovative equipment for your operation, browse our dedicated range of duplex slitters now or get in touch with our expert team at ASHE Converting Equipment to discuss your specific needs on site.